Other another others

Another, another dog. 指单数时的用法指单数时,若泛指用another,若特指用 the other。

    نوبي و درايمون كرتون عربي
  1. Blue herons are one of many bird species that can be
  2. (cups is plural so we use other) I need others
  3. a
  4. Hal itu karena
  5. Is other a verb? Exercises with Other, the other and Another
  6. Existing or occurring at some time in the past
  7. All of these glasses are dirty
  8. Use another + singular noun
  9. Do not use a possessive pronoun with an article
  10. Others is always a pronoun, i
  11. She has bought another car
  12. We will be staying for another few weeks