While و when

4. سنتطرق اليوم للحديث عن فكرة قواعدية مربكة قليلاً؛ وهي الفرق بين While و Awhile و A While، تمتلك الكلمات الثلاث لفظاً مشابهاً وكذلك معانٍ متقاربة

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  2. do while
  3. for و
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  5. It was during his time in Paris that Bruno created his first perfumes
  6. S
  7. So we
  8. Also see past continuous tense
  9. Whilst and while are two words with identical meanings—usually
  10. In these situations, the short action interrupts the long
  11. we lived in London, we met many interesting people
  12. “Please wait for a while”